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August 19th, 2007

05:50 pm - 8/13-8/18
I have two jobs, both in education.

I have my wedding dress ordered.

I have figured out my wedding cake.

I have quit my job of eight years.

I have discussed my wedding flowers with my designer and future mother in law.

I have had a great week.

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July 22nd, 2007

09:18 pm - July 22, 2007
Things I have done today:
- 3:30 woke up.
- 4:00 drove down to Wellsville to watch the hot air balloons.
- 8:00 helped raise a hot air balloon named "Sky Turkey" my favorite one!
- 9:30 went to breakfast with my mother.
- 11:30 home.
- 1:00 watched my favorite part of Hunt for Red October.
- 2:30 napped.
- 3:15 woke.
- 4:00 proceeded to run three miles.
- 4:45 caught breath and nearly died.
- 5:15 read outside on my deck for about 45 minutes.
- 6:45 went to listen to the Clarence Summer Orchestra.
- 9:15 home.
- 9:25 updated my live journal.

Good day.

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July 3rd, 2007

12:49 pm - Applications:
3 More applications sent out today. 3 more hopefuls!
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

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June 17th, 2007

08:58 pm - Hair:
I'm having a good hair day.

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June 12th, 2007

01:57 pm - Skin:
I love skin. I just love the way it wraps around my body and looks nice when shaved and clean.

I hate cuts, although I find scabs to be kinda cool. Like the "map to the stars" of where Katey has been. I don't want more scars, I just like the ones I have.

The skin around the knees has to be my favorite. The way it curves, when I bend my knee and then stays nice and elastic when I elongate my leg. I just love my skin. Messed up as it may be.

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May 27th, 2007

07:34 am - HOME!
Home from another fantastic vacation!

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May 11th, 2007

04:37 pm - An Ending:
And today, my last day of undergraduate classes I sit back and think about the four years that I spent going to Buffalo State College and all the people I met and memories I made. It really was a good four years however I am glad to be leaving. Tonight I am changing my status from student, to alumni. It's going to be a wonderful summer followed by wonderful years to come.

My supervisor today said "think of all of the things you all accomplished in these four years both in college and out." And she was right. I have accomplished so much, too much to write down now. So tonight when I decorate my cap and clean my gown, I'll reminisce about the things I have learned and the people I have met, and I will also fantasize about the places I'll go. Oh, the places I'll go.

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May 6th, 2007

04:19 pm - A new day of numbers:
6 days till graduation.
4 days left of student teaching.
200 students I taught in total.
19 different outfits I have created in under ten minutes each morning.
4-3 the scores of the Sabres game as current.
$69 the cost of my graduation dress.
$69 the cost that mammy is paying for.
10 fingers that need a manicure.
25 of July, day of the wedding.
65 degrees outside.
0 number of things I am going to be forced to do after I graduate.

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May 3rd, 2007

06:20 pm - Update:
Recap of my life because Danielle and I think it is appropriate:
1. I am graduating from college.

2. I like my job and although I do like it with my college degree I am upgrading my job.

3. I am getting married next year on July 25 2008 with kids I am sure to follow in the later years.

4. I will not die unloved.

Oh and I am not sitting in my car... it's sitting by itself.

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April 16th, 2007

09:02 pm - Monday April 16th.
Wow, what a shitty day.

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